Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Thanks to all who stopped by on the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes!  I loved meeting you here, and it was great to see all the cover love for Silver. I hope you'll come back from time to time to share my latest news.  If you're interested in all things writing related, you can catch me on Wednesdays at the YA Muses blog where I blog about craft along with fellow Apocalypsies Donna Cooner, Katherine Longshore and Veronica Rossi, and the always entertaining Bret Ballou. 

Without further ado, the winners (courtesy of are:

1.  Emily the Ninja Librarian (Comment No. 3)
2.  Becky Lejuene (Comment No. 6)
3. The second Joy (we had two) (Comment No. 74)

I'll be contacting each of you to get shipping addresses for you pre-orders of Silver.  Congratulations, and thanks again for participating in the Race!

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  1. Hey! I found you through Goodreads (one of my friends added your book to her To-Reads shelf). Anyway, I was checking out your site, and I noticed that when you click on your blog header, it goes to someone's site named Will Vance. Is that a pseudonym of yours? Or was that a mistake? If it's a mistake, I thought you should know :)

  2. Thanks Tiana! I'll contact my website administrator and find out what's happening there. I am not Will Lavendar :)